Wooden Soap Lift

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I think we’ve all been that person who lays the wet soap bar down on a surface causing it leave a soapy residue. Not only does it cause the soap bar to deteriorate faster, but its a pain to clean up! Look no further for a solution to your crusty soap problems. The wooden soap lift not only lifts the soap off the counter, bathtub, or shower to prevent the soap bar from sitting in standing water, but it provides a space where the soap can dry faster and last longer. 

Each soap lift has tiny slits between the pieces of wood to allow for maximum air flow to get that soap dry faster. It also has natural grooves that act as a speed bump so your soap doesn’t go flying off the soap lift. The more you use your soap, the smaller the bar becomes. That’s why each soap lift has slants towards the center to perfectly hold the smaller bar of soap.

After you have completely used your bar of soap, these soap lifts can be easily rinsed off to remove excess residue. That way they will be squeaky clean for the next bar of soap that you decide to use. 

Sold on getting a soap lift? Good, we thought you’d be!

Now you get to choose which finish you like best. Choose between the dark stain finish or the natural finish.  These soap lifts are the perfect size for any soap bar we offer here at Carolina Crafted.